Manuka honey MGO 550+ Propolis Candy 100g

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Propolis Manuka honey MGO 550+ 100g

Australian by Nature Propolis Candy with Manuka Honey contains a combination of Propolis & Manuka Honey ( MGO 550+).

These candies are ideal to soothe a dry throat, clear the nose & freshen your breath.

Each candy is packed separately so you keep them freshly and pick it up easily 3-4 candies a day.


Bee.Happy Bee.Healthy


Manuka honey is one of the most sought after honeys in the world and is only available from Australia as it is obtained from the nectar of trees native to those regions.
Manuka trees (and hence Manuka honey) is the common name for plants of the Leptosperum genus.  In Australia Manuka honey is obtained from the nectar of the Leptospermum trees and is known to have a stronger rich and more aromatic taste.

Australian Manuka Honey is popularly preferred over other types of honey due to its distinctive rich earthy taste and beautiful dark color as well as the special properties, the unique components of Manuka Honey.

Why Australian Manuka is different?

Australian Manuka Honey contains Hydrogen Peroxide that gives honey its antibiotic quality. However, equally if not more important is the amount of MGO (methylglyoxal) found in Manuka Honey.  Whilst MGO is found in many types of honey it is usually found only in small quantities, with the exception being the 100% natural Manuka Honey.


Pure, Natural, Certified

Our Manuka Honey is 100% pure, 100% natural raw Manuka Honey making it one of the highest quality Manuka Honeys available worldwide.

The exceptional quality of the raw product plus the high standards of harvesting and handling have created a delicious healthy pure Manuka Honey that is served in homes in Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, UK, USA and all around the world.

Directly Available To You Today

Aussie Qbee's Honey has every batch of Manuka honey tested so that you can be confident of the quoted MGO reading.

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    I haven't tried it yet, but so is the fine dust. I

    I haven't tried it yet, but so is the fine dust.
    I felt like I had a sore throat, so I ordered it
    Delivery is fast and good

    I've tried it before, but it's also delicious. The

    I've tried it before, but it's also delicious.
    There was nothing melted

    I have a doctor to repurchase

    I have a doctor to repurchase

    Thank you

    Thank you

    When I tried honey, I ordered my neck weakened the

    When I tried honey, I ordered my neck weakened these days. I like the ingredients that the MGO550 honey is added to the propolis!